Sunday, May 9, 2010


Hello Everybody!!!! I know it has been not just days but almost a month since I posted..... I am really ashamed of myself, not being able to keep up my promises..... I know I have to work something out as far as this blog is concerned.....

Okay! We would settle these pretty-petty things later & Celebrate..... Yup! It is OUR MOTHERS DAY!!!!!

I am so happy... It is a very special day...... Every day is special as far as mothers are concerned... but this 'day' make us all realize Our Very Existence, Our Very Identity...... It is the mother, who gives it to us.... She inculcates all those values & emotions in us, that make us all, who we are today...... Our 'base' is not taught to us by our mothers, but gets naturally transmitted through the affection she showers on us..... We inherit from her..... And proudly pose them as adults.... Making Us who we are..... Our thoughts, understanding, sensitivity..... are all those pricey possessions we inherit from our mothers..... I DID!!!! & Proud to pose & flaunt them too......

According to me....... 'Love' involves many thoughts into it...... but 'Mother' itself are all those thoughts...... No other emotions or thoughts are required to get us carried away..... The very word Mother tends to kindle all my thoughts & emotion.... The thought of separation from her, kills me, a thousand deaths..... I hate the thought.... As I strictly believe, I hate to repent later over anything... I believe in living at that moment & correcting our thoughts & actions, when we have time in hand..... There is no point crying over spilt milk later.....

But what if we are hurt now???? But what if our emotions are not reciprocated to???? I don't know nor understand how to get over it???? I am just left to lick my wounds..... All thanks to my hubby who is with me, in all times of distress..... If not for him, I would have had a breakdown, for sure..... I guess at the end of the day, it is just the husband & the wife, who remain for each other.....

I do not have a BEST FRIEND till date.... because I never found the necessity, for one.... Before wedding I had mom & post wedding I have Kuku.... So I always thought I have two of the worlds best friends, for I share every single stupid thing & thought with them.... But since few days, my friendship with my mom is undergoing stress.... And it makes me very weak & depressed.... There goes not a moment when I do not remember her & yearn to feel her, to my hearts content.... I hope & pray that things would fall back into place, sooooooooooooooooooooon.................

But I will forever remember all those things my mom did for me.... She took all the shouting from my dad, at times of my acquaintance with Kuku, before wedding... She always came in between, as a savior...... She means everything to me & forever will.....

I still remember few childhood incidents, that gives me goosebumps till date.... One such instance was when, as a child lived in my native Puttur (Mangalore Dist.), It was a dense forest kind of land with many unknown & wild plants & vegetation, around our house & I loved meandering in the jungle, day in, day out..... And during one such meanders, I found some colorful berries hung down a plant at my reach.... I was, may be, in CLASS 1...... Those berries looked so tempting that I chewed a few, which literally burnt my tongue & mouth & I felt very lifeless.... And seeing this my mom, in an instance of grief, thought, I would not make it & she ate the remaining berries, thinking there was no point for her to LIVE after that..... But with God's Grace, ALL WAS WELL THAT ENDED WELL!!!!! That was her Motherly affection for me...

I can never forget many such instances that left marks of my mother in my heart, my mind & my soul..... I would always wish the best for her... be it whatever, & with whatever in my hand.... My mother can always count on me.... The two Passions of my life.... My mom & My Hubby..... I love them both so much, that I cannot think of losing even one..... My existence is with them.... Without them I DO NOT EXIST......

I take this moment to salute all those mothers, who drain their love & energy till the last drop.... Happy Mothers Day!!!!!

I made some goodies for her, best to my abilities & paraphernalia...... Here they are @ "Hastkala"...Ashaon Ka ..... Take a Peek!!!!

Thanks Ma

Thanks Ma

And today I post this prep that is my 'Mom's Special'........ I never attempted to learn this prep from her till date, but due to the distance that has formed between us & all those moments I remember & miss, her & her delicacies, I thought of trying this prep all on my own..... Might not be exactly what she prepares, but similar...... Because the Egg-licious Curry she prepares is Green in color... & so is mine..... ;-) Hence I dedicate it to her, on this Special Day...... My way!!!!!

If you are reading it, I LOVE YOU!!!!! AMMA...... I just want u to remember, that I would be there for you, ever, at times of distress & even if u just need an ear to listen to you & a heart to feel your pain..... I am there forever.....

Okay! I have drained out my emotions enough, let us continue with my posting for today...... So here it is...... Mom's Egg Curry.... Daughter's Way.......!!!!

Mom's Egg Curry

Ingredients :

Eggs - 5 (boiled)
Cloves - 4
Oil - 3 tbsp
Turmeric Powder - a pinch
Coriander Powder - 1 tsp
Cumin Powder - 1 tsp
Kitchen King Masala - 1 tsp
Garam Masala Powder - 1 tsp
Salt to Taste

Grind to Paste

Coriander Leaves - 1 cup, finely chopped
Green Chilli - 6
Grated fresh Coconut - 1/2 cup
Garlic - 6 cloves
Ginger - 1"
Dry Red Chilli - 2
Onion - 1 medium


Grind the above mentioned ingredients to a fine paste.... & keep aside.....

Heat oil in a Kadai..... Add cloves & dry red chilli & saute for a minute... Add the ground paste & stir fry on a low flame for 5 minutes...... Add all the masala powders & stir fry further for 2 minutes..... Add in the boiled eggs ( either cut into halves or full - If full, just poke in holes with a fork) Fry further for another 5 minutes..... Now add in water as required & cook covered for the next five minutes or so...... Goes well with any kinda rice prep or freshly made phulka rotis.......

Simple & Quick Jeera Rice

Ingredients :

Rice - 2 cups
Onion - 1 medium finely sliced
Green Chilli - 2, slit into two
Cumin Seeds - 1 tbsp
Oil/Ghee - 3 tbsp
Turmeric Powder - 1/2 tsp
Salt to Taste

Method :

Wash the rice & keep it aside..... Now heat oil/ghee in a pressure cooker...... Add in the cumin seeds & saute till brown... Now add in the slit green chilli & sliced onions & saute further for two minutes..... Now add in the washed rice, turmeric powder & salt..... Stir fry for 5 minutes..... Then add enough water ( 2:3 1/2).... Tighten the lid of the cooker & cook for 4 whistles..... Turn off the flame & allow the pressure to release, on its own....

Serve hot with raitha or the above prepared egg curry......

Mom's Egg Curry

I would love to send this as an entry to PanchPakwan' s Mothers Day Cooking Celebration event......

Mothers Day Event

There were many TOFAS, the acknowledgment of which were delayed... I am really sorry for the delay.....

Sunshine Award

Mommies Award

Teddy Love





Honest Scrap

I thank

Simply Food, Neetz Kitchen, Thattukada, Curry & Beyond & Sailaja Kitchen for spreading CHEERS!!!!! I am glad & happy to have received them.....

And would love to share & spread these TOFAS! further...... Anybody who stops by please accept them...... Let us spread Cheers!!! And be CHEERFUL!!!!

That is it for now......



  1. Many many congrats on all your awards.
    Wishing you a wonderful mothersday.
    Egg curry and jeera rice look mouthwatering.The cards and gift boxes are beautifully crafted, who needs hallmark whn you make such beautiful creations.
    I would like to thankyou for leaving such beautiful,inspiring and motivating comments on my blog.They truely make my day. for best friends who needs best friends when we have such wonderful blogger friends like you.

  2. you do such beautiful things Ash......wonderful , the platter , the cards and the gifts all of them........

    It was great to read about your mom's affection towards you , congrats for all the wonderful awards.

  3. Hi Ash

    A very happy Mother's day to you. All of us know that only mother gives us unconditional love irrespective of who we are. Also Congrats on your wonderful awards. And Finally your Egg Curry is a fantastic tribute for your mother. Looks simply yummy.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  4. Lovely card and beautiful boxes..

    Perfect combo dish ...

    Great read !!

  5. A very nice Post Asha ...
    It was really nice reading yaar ...gr8 post
    and once again congratulations on your very well deserved awards Ash ...Keep Rocking dear

  6. tes créations sont comme d'habitude magnifiques
    ton plat l'ai tout aussi
    bravo pour tous ces prix et bonne fêtes des mères
    bonne soirée

  7. Dear Asha,
    'Wishing you a very Happy Mother's Day!'
    egg curry looks absolutely delicious. With jeera rice its a great combination.
    Decorative boxes and cards, a unique style and beaitiful.
    Also congrats for all the awards

  8. Ash it was a touching salute to motherhood by reading ur article.Mothers have made us what we r today.long live all the mothers.congrats on all ur awards.just keep rocking. the egg curry simply looks yummmmmmmmmmmmmmy and mouth watering.

  9. Sükran , tesekkürler ,dankschön ,mersi beni takip ettigin icin Tükiyeden sevgiler öptüm.

  10. Congrats on all your awards..the recipes looks amazing!!!!

  11. Congrats on ur awards.. Egg curry and jeera rice look mouthwatering.. Tempting...

  12. Congrads dear on all those awards. You are really worth it. You have done a wonderful job.
    Egg curry is making me drool here.Yumm

  13. wow so beautiful...your so tanlented & Perfect gift to your mum on her spl day...

  14. Happy mothers day Asha..perfect gifts for beloved mother....Fabulous dishes,and congrats for all your awards dear,you deserve it!!!

  15. Happy Mother's day Asha. Congrats on your awards. That mother's day card and your story behind is touching. I couldnt control myself on reading your childhood and the berries. Mom's love is something very great. Happy to know about you, Kuku and mom. I too think like you only:) Me too think my hubby as my world.

    Egg curry and jeera rice look incredible.

    My prayers and well wishes always dear.

  16. That story about how your mom ate the berries after you indicates some pretty strong feelings there. I really hope she visits your blog to see all the special things you wrote about her.

    Love the recipe - thanks. I hope to get chickens soon and would love to make this with fresh eggs!!

  17. As usual, enjoyed every word of the tribute to ur mom. Hope and pray she reads this post and the relationship continues to be as joyous as ever. U shd write more often and I enjoy to the fullest as it is straight from the heart :):)

  18. Your mother sounds like a very special lady. A true best friend for sure who has been with you always.

  19. Love your post. So far the best post for mother's day.Your mom is lucky to have you as a daughter.
    Nice recipe and beautiful clicks.

  20. OMG ASH..Its such an emotional post...lOVE everything abt this post..the write-up , ur heartfelt emotions expressed so well, ur card as beautiful and vibrant as ever..UR Egg Curry and Jeera Rice..looking delicious and tempting...This post is filled with loads and loads of LOVE..and UR mom will absolutely love it and I'm sure she must have read this post already and be so PROUD of YOU. Take care of urself and things will be just fine between u and ur MOm...God bless you..Congrats on all ur awards..

  21. Congrats on all ur awards dear.. card is beautiful too.. Hey I loved the egg curry..looks so tasty and tempting with the wonderful jeera rice combo.

  22. Read the post completely and iam moved by ur write up..I wish ur mom shud read this post and see these yummy dishes..Jeera rice looks Really yumm :) I cant try egg curry :)

  23. LOVE the post. What a great daughter you are. Heartfelt words are million times better than any material gifts.

    Egg curry is mouthwatering. Must try.

  24. I loved the goodies u made for ur mom..the bright red is so rich to see thru the pics.wat more than ur mom's way of egg curry for mom's day

  25. Thats such wonderful things to dedicate to ur mom.....:) Nd the food looks gr8 :)

  26. hi dear, beautiful post!
    In my blog there are the awards for you! Kisses

  27. well said Ash...all your words about mom is very true and very touching rather...

  28. You are always marvelous in making Goodies...i envy you deary ;)..
    Egg curry and jeera rice looks perfect and yummy!!

  29. Oh Ash..that such a touching and immotional thoughts from you dear...why I'm such a late person to read this beautiful posts..hope you had a great time with your mum..everything is just fabulous...keep smiling..;-))

  30. This is the best gift you could have ever given to your mom Asha. Such fabulous card., she will be overwhelmed. Keep up the great work dearie..

  31. did you get comment? I face a lot of problem opening your blog. Donno why?! :(

  32. great egg curry and jeera rice... Mom's recipes are always the best!

  33. Dear Asha, How are you both? waiting for your next post and anecdote:) have a happy weekend. Love,

  34. Hey Hi Dear...sorry for late reply. Its so sweet of you to leave such a lovely comment on my blog. I have not been able to blog in a long time..Planning to start posting soon. This is such lovely post and a wonderful gift!! Take care darling!

  35. Nice u have got so many awards. Jeera rice looks so good. Nice recipes. YUM!

  36. Lovely post Ash...straight from the heart as usual. I must try out the egg curry!

  37. Some great creations here Asha. I love the little basket of chocs. Very pretty.

    Sara xx

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  39. really great egg curry recipe.. tnx for sharing

  40. hi ash, congrats on ur awards. lovely card, lovely gifts and lovely egg curry. My mum also makes a green egg curry and u reminded me of it. u made me emmotional too while i was reading ur post. this green egg curry used to be one of my sunday specials, if we couldn't decide what to cook on sunday i would always suggest for this egg curry yummmm


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