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Hello! I am here... finally! Long time...... I had several things on my mind & that did not or has not let me try something new... Hence did not post..... It was a regular dal + rice + some veggie sabzi..... What do I post about that??? I have already done..... So there was no much scope.... But I know it is almost the end of this month & I thought I ought to post something at least..... not to skip an entire month on my archival..... Hence sought this simple prep from my draft for today's post.....

Many of my fellow bloggers wondered where I was & they might have been furious for the delay too.... I am sorry again... I hope things fall into place for me ASAP!!!!! I keep my fingers crossed.... And yes! to keep away from being depressed.... I kept myself busy with my crafty creations...... That helped me a lot to beat the heat of my thoughts..... :-) Thanks to my expensive hobby ;-) U can take a peek here @ Hastkala.

Hmmm.... Let us get on with our post for today.... It is a simple rice prep, which only has green veggies in it.... It is green & hence the name..... A very simple, healthy yet delicious rice prep with some raitha as an accompaniment..... Awesome as a quickie..... :-)

Green Rice

Green Rice

Ingredients :

Basmati Rice - 2 cups
Fresh Peas - 2 tbsp
Round Beans - 2 tbsp (chopped)
Spring Onions - 2 tbsp (finely chopped)
Green Chilli - 1 tbsp (finely chopped)
Onion - 2 tbsp (optional finally chopped)
***I did not use any as I strictly went by the shade I chose ;-) Green!
Oil - 2 tbsp
Salt to Taste
Water - 3 1/2 cups

Method :

Wash all the above ingredients..... (except oil & salt ;-) Keep the rice aside..... Chop all the greens... Heat oil in a pressure cooker.... Add the green chilli & saute for 2 seconds..... Add the optional onion & saute till translucent or add the chopped veggies directly (except the spring onions) & stir fry for 4-5 minutes..... Now add the rice & fry further for 5 minutes..... When the rice shows a shine, add water, add salt & the chopped spring onions..... Stir once & cover the lid... Allow the steam to whistle for 4 whistles..... Then remove from fire..... When all the pressure is let out, all by itself, serve hot with any raitha or gravy as an accompaniment, of your choice.....

Accompaniment is a must.... If not it seems very dry.... Remember? They are only greens..... SO it needs some support system.... May be I was so involved in my card creation which had a green theme to be incorporated..... which I carried to the kitchen with me.... & got even my food themed GREEN!!!!

The other day Kuku got some raw mangoes from a farm.... I was so thrilled.... Rather we both were..... But the problem was, we were just the two of us at home & what would I do with all of them..... I know nothing nor have the patience to bring them to use other than SLURPEE! savoring ;-)

raw mangoes

I distributed few & the rest I just left them in a cover.... My maid asked me to keep them in a rice container..... We just get 5 kg rice packet & where would I fit them all in... Hence I kept a few, say 5-6.....

ripe mangoes

Just yesterday, I looked at them... few seemed ripe.... But the rest were intact..... Even the ones that were ripe had few spaces which were still raw..... But still our inquisitiveness got us to slice the few..... & Voila!!!! So juicy, yum & luscious they were.... :-p, with one or two bites sour.....

ripe mangoes

Lovely Color :-p though..... But we enjoyed them.... The rest are intact in the polythene cover.....

Peeps! Please guide me with simple & stress free methods, by which I can get them to ripen ASAP to relish them all...... Of course with all thanks to you, for the guidance .... :-)

I forgot to give some to mom, when she visited.... I felt so bad.... At least she knew how to put them into use..... My Bad! :-(

Thanking you in advance, for all the guidance, u will be providing me with...... :-)

Will be back soon.... with my next.....



  1. Wow! Mangoes, am drooling here. I love mangoes. Nice pics.

  2. WOnderful rice and I am really drooling over the mangoes.. looks sooooo delicious and wish to have right away...Even I was wondering y no post from you...

  3. Gud to see you back dear..nice post ...drooling over e mango...rice looks so gud

  4. contente de te voir parmi nous si j'habite pas loin je t'aurais piqué quelques mangues
    bonne semaine et à bientôt

  5. Welcome back ash, nice to see your lovely post after a long time...Green rice looks delicious and lovely tempting clicks of mangoes

  6. Hi Ash we all missed u a lot. Nice to c u back.Your green rice recipe looks very yum simple and delicious.
    The mangoes look so tempting to grab.

  7. Nice recipe...looks tempting and delicious.

  8. Hi Asha,
    Thanks a lot for being so prompt in posting this wonderful rice preparation after that little push ;-) I like your simple dishes.....Green rice looks delicious.

    Wrap ripe mangoes in newspapers/ paper bags at room temp. to fasten the process. and once ripe they should be moved to refrigerator . Hope this helps you.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  9. Nice rice recipe. Looks so good. Those mangoes are so mouthwatering. YUM!

  10. Hey Ash, this recipe is simple and hearty and it will make it a great meal. To ripe the mangoes,
    1. you can put them in the same container as rice. This is what Amma does when we can't wait to eat the mangoes we bring from our native place
    2. Put the mangoes in a Brown paper bag and place a apple with the mangoes
    Hope this helps.. Take care.

  11. I don't know how to ripen mangoes but boy do they look great! I love mangos too. The green rice also looks very good. So glad you are posting.

  12. very happy to see you back dearie!!!!! yeah we all were little worried
    Green rice looks so yummy!!! those mangoes are making me hungry for some now :)

  13. good to see u back! those mangoes are making me drool, dear!

  14. Great to hear from you, Ash! Nice to see you cooking away...I've heard that putting an avocado or tomato in a brown paper bag with a banana will ripen it overnight...the banana emits a gas, etc.. I wonder if the same thing would work with mangoes?

    When I was a kid I hated peas. Then I had some fresh ones from my father-in-law's garden. They were excellent and I must say it changed my opinion. But it's very hard to find fresh peas here.

  15. Hello Ash, you are making me drool with all those sliced pcs of mangoes. Your green rice is also very good.
    We had 5 mango trees in my home in India. We used to get 500+ mangoes every season. Different varieties too.I really miss them all here. My mom used to keep them in big jute sacs to make them ripen.
    Why don't u try to make some mango Pulisheri (mango yogurt curry)with two mangoes. The mango must be ripe inside but the skin must be greenish yellow. I bet you will love the sweet and sour taste of that curry.I make thsi curry every week here in Singapore.

  16. Hi dear..Nice to see u back..Its always good to keep ourselves busy So enjoy ur craft works.Nice name and a healthy rice.

  17. I liked your blog name...nice green rice recipe..a great meal for a veggie like me

  18. Green raw mangoes make me drool. Very tempting picture. I just need some salt n chilly powder to finish them. yes, the rice bag method is very popular. Green rice looks and healthy. Nice post again dear.

  19. I read your comment on Pari's blog and laughed my heart out :-) and hence here...

    A simple and delicious rice dish!

  20. Hy Ashkuku,
    Yummy blog you here and am much proud to follow u dear. Do drop in at my space sometime..

  21. Nice to see this blog updated.Rice looks tasty as does the mouth watering mangoes.

  22. Ash, hope you're doing well! Am on a blog hopping spree today and dropped by to say hi :) Those mangoes and the rice good.

  23. It looks so good and tempting. Book marked.

  24. I love how mango look! It's delicious! The recipe sounds simple and yummy.


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