Sunday, April 11, 2010

MUSHROOM MANCHURIAN!!!!! ( Dedicated to Amma on Mother's Day)

Hello Everyone!!!! I know it has been a long time, since I really posted..... The last one being just a LOL!!!!!! I promised to keep up...... Yes! I partially did by being able to visit people & their space to read their awesome posts & write ups, as soon as I was Okay.... But as for my blog
post..... I have disappointed myself.... to the core....

Before I started with my other space & my card making, all I had was this space "ASRA"...ASHAON KA..... To connect, to write, to learn, to vent, to love or be it anything.... but since I have had my CARDINAL baby.... I have not exactly ignored, but yes, I could not make time to nourish my first baby..... And that is a disgrace..... :-(

I promise myself to try not to side track "ASRA...ASHAON KA"..... any further..... I pray God to help me through....

I had been busy after I got okay.... I was busy with few of my chores, my Card Projects & a new engagement...... By which I mean I have engaged myself for an hour everyday... (except Sunday)..... to give some quick card making lessons to my Doctor's daughter........ Since she has her vacation now & as she is interested in ARTS & CRAFTS, I have dedicated one hour everyday to her.... Just sharing few basic things I know as far as card making is concerned...... Hurray!!!! Because it is kinda learning for me in turn ...... in the process of sharing......

It has just been a few days... To be exact... four days... since I started of with this...... And during these days, she has been keen in picking up & remembering & practicing it again at home... for her friends, teachers & family.....

This is what she made...... I loved it because I never started this way... or rather did not get a chance to make them, CHILDLIKE ....... Are they not cute & adorable for a beginner.....??????


And for my creations just CLICK HERE!!!!!

And I remember reading Srivalli's post on her space Spice Your Life! regarding ideas to keep kids busy during their vacation..... I bet this is one among them......


They surely can be introduced to this awesome craft, which not only cultivates an interest towards it, but motivates them to give it a serious thought!!!!! I wish all the luck to those kids aspiring to make something personal for their friends, families & teachers...... :-)

I wanna thank everyone for all your love & support showered on me....... The previous post, which got me upset for a night, & which made me & my hubby laugh at it together the very next morning..... was surely a LOL!!!!!! It actually made me laugh to the core reading other instances where few of you had to put up with it..... So that was when I realized..... It really Happens & It happens!!!!!! It is a part of THIS WORLD..... Be it on NET or OUTSIDE...... We face it everywhere ...... So nothing OFFICIAL about it..... Later I just thought "Buri nazar waale,Tera Mooh Kaala".... (बुरी नज़र वाले, तेरा मूह काला ) which means directed as a curse, "Back off or smoke in your face"......... ;-)

And as for the post today..... Oh! it is a long long story.... I initially arranged to get a leftover delicacy made for a contest.... But as I went punching in the required words for that prep, it was time to prepare lunch & I had to hurry back to the kitchen.... My hubby asked if he could get anything interesting for his lunch!!!! Well I wanted it too, as it had been many days since we really had something interesting..... For the time being I have stopped savoring Non Veg....... I don't know when would I be able to savor them again......?????!!!!! Well, so the other best option is VEG & its variations.......

I went through my vegetable basket in the refrigerator & found a pack of mushrooms, I picked three days earlier.... & I went drooling at the thought of being able to savor Chilli Mushrooms.... So I came back to my comp to check for any recipe suitable...... But somehow, nothing satisfied me nor excite me to try....... My hubby got very irritated & impatient... He asked me to prepare what I knew & could manage & promised to savor whatever I prepared...... I said okay & went back to the kitchen..... Checked out for the basic ingredients I had & wanted, only to find the cornflour container was empty..... I had to pull out the stock from my storage.... As I did so, the recipe of THE MUSHROOM MANCHURIAN behind the packet caught my eyes...... I said VOILA!!!! Just what I wanted.... & went through the procedure.... to realize again that I did not have a stock of the pastes & sauces required... My hubby said, "It is okay, for a change let us try to improvise on that outline, & moreover it is just for us two & need not fear any criticisms" & I reluctantly agreed..... questioning myself .... should we not be able to ... if not savor... at least EAT what was made, than dumping it down the drains.......????

Got down to arrange self made & self decided ingredients to prepare a worthy meal...... for us TWO...... Just went with the flow & once the so called Mushroom Manchurian with Variations was ready...... My hubby was like WOW!!!!!!! which continued till the last bite & even after that...... And he asked me to register the prep in my blog, so that I would remember the procedure while I made my next..... So there went the leftover delicacy I was supposed to post today, to my draft..... I feel sorry for it & promise to bring it out to the light very soon....... Sorry Leftover!!!!!! ;-(

SO here is My Accidentally TRIED, TESTED & TASTED MUSHROOM MANCHURIAN for ALL OF YOU..... Get down to prepare right away & see the results for yourself...... :-)

PS :
Kindly adjust & make changes as per your requirements..... Because I just prepared this with what little I had then ...... And moreover too many cooks spoil the broth.... So little always lasts longer in quality...... Take my WORD for it...... :-)


Ingredients :

Fresh Button Mushrooms - 200 gm
Onions - 2 medium (sliced rings)
Green Chillies - 4 (slit lengthwise)
Coriander Leaves - 3 tbsp (finely chopped)
Oil - 3 to 4 tbsp
Ajinomoto - a pinch
Chings Secret Red Chilli Sauce - 2 tbsp
Weikfield Soy Sauce - 1 tbsp

Grind to Paste :

Ginger - 2" piece
Garlic Cloves - 7 pieces
Green Chilli - 4
Water - 4 tbsp

For the Batter :

Weikfield Cornflour - 4 tbsp
Rice Flour - 5 tbsp ( for crispiness)
Baking Soda - a pinch
Salt to Taste
Ground Paste - 3/4th of the total paste

Oil - for deep fry

**Add water only if required... The consistency of the batter should be medium... not watery nor thick......
**Do not add any food color.....

Method :

Wash the mushrooms under running water & cut them into equal quarters...... Now mix the ingredients for the batter, well & add in a portion of the diced mushrooms & combine......


Heat oil in a deep bottomed vessel or a wok...... When it is smoking hot, turn down the flame to low.... & drop the pieces of mushroom from the batter, with no extra batter along...... Deep fry till golden brown on a medium flame... When done transfer onto an absorbent paper & keep aside......

PS : (CONTROL popping on or savoring those fried mushrooms, which are really yummy!!!!!!!)

Continue the process to consume all the diced mushrooms .......

Now heat oil in another deep bottomed vessel or wok, big enough to accommodate all the ingredients & the mushrooms...... When the oil is hot, add the slit green chillies & saute for a minute, Then add the onion rings & saute for a minute only....... (we do not want the onions
totally cooked) Then add the red chilli & soy sauce along with the remaining ground paste. Add a pinch of ajinomoto & stir well to let it fry for a minute... Then add the deep fried mushrooms & stir till sauce just coats the mushrooms.... Add the 3/4th of the chopped coriander leaves, mix well & then transfer the entire prep into a serving bowl & garnish with the remaining chopped coriander leaves.....


Savor piping hot....till the last bite, as I did..... ;-)



Actually a regular lunch with dal & beans stir fry & rice was ready.....


But since we savored the whole of what we prepared, then...... we skipped our lunch.....


Kuku had a small portion of lunch very late by 4 pm. I was full...... Now just waiting for my dinner...... I have a small tummy as far as meals are considered.... As for these yummy delicacies, I can still make space...... ;-)

And since I made this for the first time & which turned out to be simply mind blowing, I would love to dedicate this to my mom.... As we always loved savoring these delicacies together or when prepared at home or at least trying to prepare at home & not being able to get satisfactory results...... now when I prepared this & since I was not able to share the taste of my first try with her, I would love to dedicate this preparation to her.... And would look forward to prepare it again sometime JUST FOR HER...... I love you & MISS you too.....To AMMA, with all my LOVE!!!!!!


And this being the theme of Jyoti's 'PANCHPAKWAN'..... Mother’s Day cooking celebration ..... I send this as an entry to the event......

And Yes! I had a few mentions too...... regarding all those cute TOFAS, I received from friendly bloggers......which was a backlog since quite some time.....


I thank Simply Food, Indu of Khatta Meetha Theeka, Deepa of Hamaree Rasoi, Vineetha of Ruchi & Supriya from Cook in a Blog World showered sunshine on me through this cutie...... Thank You so Much.....



I thank Sailaja for sharing her Thank You & One Lovely Blog Award........


I thank Dolly of Curry & Beyond & Food Lovers for remembering me for the Honest Scrap...... And Food Lovers again for the Block of TOFAS too......


It seems like everyone has one of these... So I don't wanna be repetitive..... Hence peeps, who do not adorn any of these pieces of TOFA, I request you to kindly grab one!!!!!!

THANK YOU ALL for the Love & Support..... It is held high.... in my LIFE.... Because that is all that matters at the end of the day...... Love You ALL.....

That is it for now..... I will be back soon with my drafted Leftover..... soon.... ;-)



  1. Wow very tempting, your mom must have been happy seeing this....very beautiful clicks...

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    Good luck on your card-making lessons!! The lil gal is lucky to have such a talented teacher!

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  5. hi Asha,
    The blog lazy days are faced by me too :) or rather other things take and upper hand while the food blogging takes a back seat :) but that's absolutely understandable :)
    U r doing a beautifully creative job! keep going..must say u r balancing it well too!
    Teaching is fun and that too kids is just an adorable job isnt it? ur student is doing a beautiful job! my hugs to u and her :)
    The mushroom manchurian and the snaps look eqaully adorable..easy quick recipe! good one
    Would be great if we could get in touch
    Happy cooking and creating

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    Card looks lovely.

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  22. The mushroom manchurian looks awesome ...we love it too though i make it very rarely for it's oil content..:)
    i know how it feels to be away from the blogs when things are not right......but it's okay if you get up n walk with a smile on your face...

    checked out your hastkala is really creative , i like doing small little crafty things too , one project i have posted on my blog 'homealone' n plan to post more such things.....

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    de jolie création bravo
    bonne soirée

  31. I'm so sorry I haven't visited you in so long!! but wow - this post was worth waiting for. I adore mushrooms and have never thought of frying them in batter - that's just brilliant. My husband and I are trying to eat less meat - this is the kind of thing that looks like a satisfying subsitute. I have to admit being a little jealous of your doctor's daughter. An hour a day card tutorial? That lucky girl!!

  32. Ash, I did not realize I had not given my feedback to this post..Sorry abt that..many a times I read the posts and then come back to give my feedback..if I don't do it right then..Love this Mushroom Manchurian recipe..Awesome and inviting clicks..Will definately try this as I'm a huge fan of mushrooms and I'm the only one who eats it at my house..LOL. Such a touching gesture dedicating this to ur MOM..Ur Tofas are a proof that Ur good at what u do keep rocking..and we can wait for GOOD things...

  33. Hey Ash...Just tried this recipe for lunch today..and it turned out SO GOOD. Thanks for the awesome recipe. Even my younger one tasted it and he called it kinda looked like we both enjoyed our lunch and saved some for my DH and my older one when he gets back from school..(Believe me It was really hard to save for them..I hope u know what I

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    Manchurian looks awesome...It's my all time favorite....very tempting recipe.
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  60. This was good but need some more information about your recipe like details of recipe, how you can prepare it,what is the benefit of eating your creation. so please share more information i am waiting for your next post with food delivery restaurant


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