Friday, April 10, 2009


There are many unknown flowers in this world. Many of which specimens, are unknown to man till this date & few of which I am not aware of. But I find them all beautiful & extremely exotic. Only God knows the names of his creations.

Many of these are supposed to be wild specimens. They are "WILD" but exclusive creations.

This violet flower resembles the traditional 'gramophone'.

This particular flower that I photographed was on my way back to B'lore from Kushalnagar. I've no words to express the beauty of this creation. I had not seen such a flower till day. Again a wild brand i two colors. My hubby had stopped by for water & this specimen caught my eyes. I found this on the rocky hill at the side of the road.

It resembles the 'fancy firework', the 'jasmine drops' in specific.

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