Monday, March 16, 2009


SUGANDHARAJA or NANDI BATTALU!!! Some say they are the fragrant Nandibattalu & some others say they are called sugandharaja in Mangalore. I'm confused as to what they are really called. Even my bit of R&D did not help me.

They are really beautiful. Usually after the buds appear it takes a very long time to bloom. In a way good! The hope to see it bloom lasts for a long time & the feel is deeper & a prolonged one. And similarly once it blooms, it lasts for a couple of days.

'Nandi Battalu' that I know are also beautiful but do not smell good. I know of two types. One which is slender & small and the other which has multiple petals which I've seen in Mangalore. This time when I had been to M'lore, I had photographed the multiple petaled NandiBattalu.

Whateva they are called, they are still beautiful. Their white & off white colors and the twisted petals make them so different.

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  1. You have an interesting site. The flower with multiple petals you show here is really Nandibattalu. It used to be used by my grandmother to make kajal (long process using brass plate, extremely soothing for the eyes). Sugandharaja is a long flower with petals at the end (kinda trumpet shaped). Hope that clarifies :)


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