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Some delectable dry & quick side dishes prepared in the Norther parts of India includes bhoonjiya.

Usually of potatoes, egg, cauliflower, bindis etc.,

The name Bhoonjiya because these veggies are thoroughly stir fried or sauted (hindi:bhoonjna) in oil with other basic masalas of course.

I just love all these bhoonjiyas prepared at my in laws. Maa, bhabhi, 4 nanads each one of them prepares it with much ease & expertise. I know for them it is something very simple, but then to get the same consistency of their preparation, is not difficult, but takes time to master it.
I have merely managed to get that feel, look & taste but could be better. I know I will some day.


Bindi (Lady's Finger) - washed & chopped 1 cm long - 1/2 kg

Onions - 2 medium sized - chopped in length

Dry Red Chilli - 2-3 (depending on its taste)

Mustard Oil - 2 tbsp (better with mustard oil/can use refined as well)

Turmeric Powder - 1 tsp

Red chilli Powder - 1 tsp or depending on your taste

salt as per taste


Heat a dry thick bottomed wok on low flame till the wok is hot. Then heat mustard oil in it. Once done & the oil is ready, drop broken dry red chilli. Following that add chopped onions. Once it turns translucent, add chopped bindis & slightly increase the flame. Do not stir it frequently & with a rush as that would shred the bindis. In order to let it be whole, just stir it once in a while lightly so that you do not harm the bindis. Now let the bindis dry down with no more of its sticky, gelatinous substance being seen. It is now that we add the salt, turmeric powder & red chilli powder to get that wanted texture, finish & taste. Now stir it occasionally till the bindi is well cooked.

Serve it hot with rice & dal for lunch or roti (chapati) for dinner.

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