Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Hm mm....!!!!!!!! My brother's D day is around the corner. It's his wedding. We were all relaxed thinking there's a month & a half for it, but time fly's. Now that we have to leave B'lore in a day or two, I'm just bent upon emptying my vegetable basket.

I found these carrots lying around. Thought of preparing the easy & time saving dessert, "THE GAAJAR KA HALWA".

I've got a sweet tooth. That has indeed made me lose a tooth. It had decayed so bad that doctor said it was impossible for me to retain it. So they plucked my sweet tooth. Now that space is empty waiting for an implantation, which I've not, thought about as yet. Amma keeps taunting me everyday for not doing anything about it. I know & understand, but still !!!!

Anyways.... let us enjoy the preparation of Gaajar Ka Halwa.


Gaajar (carrot) - 1/2 kg grated
Milk boiled - 2 lts
Sugar - 2 cup
Cardamom - 6 cloves, powdered
Dry Fruits (Cashew & Dry Grapes or anything you have at home or all) - as required
Milk Maid - 1 small tin
Ghee - 1 small katori or as required


Heat ghee in a wok. Then add the dry fruits & brown it. Once done add the grated carrots & stir fry for 5 mins. Now sprinkle the powdered cardomom over it. Stir for another couple of minutes. Now add milk maid & stir for 2 mins. Now add the boiled milk & stir fry it for say 7 - 10 mins with the help of a dosa turnover spoon. When the consistency turns to get thicker, add sugar & lower the flame & keep stirring till the consistency thickens & dries up. Now garnish with chopped & grated dry fruits & serve hot.

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