Friday, August 28, 2009

ANNIVERSARY BASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Two days after my Teej was Mom & Dad's wedding anniversary. I was very much excited as I would gift them another creation of my creativity. I would make a card for them. I indulged myself in one & completed it in 2 days. And I was happy with the result as well.

My brother was also making one. But in his case, he would make one on the computer as he is a Graphic Designer by profession. He makes a customized card on comp & me a hand made one, with some waste & papers lying around at home. BEST OUT OF WASTE!!!!!!

I gifted them my card & a bunch of Gerbera daisies. My brother gifted them a beautiful card & a box of chocolates.

We met at the new KFC joint on the New Bel Road, B'lore. I was looking forward to it as there was no KFC nearby. We usually went to Brigade or Forum for one.

So heartfelt thanks & congrats to the KFC. Since it is located at a college area, it runs full through out the day. It is nearby the Ramaiah College, where my hubby did his Engineering.

We all met here & had a sumptuous treat. I enjoyed every bit of chicken I ate. I love the wings. After the heavy lunch, my family came to my place. We spent the rest of the day together here talking, watching stuff etc., They left home by 6:00 pm.

Hence went by that DAY, which we all enjoyed. Ofcourse for my sister in law (my brother's wife), it was her first bash with her new family.

Wishing them...... "Many Happy Returns Of The Day" AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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