Wednesday, August 5, 2009

SEMOLINA IDLI (Rava Idli, Sooji Idli)

Rava Idlis are everyones favorite I guess. There would be hardly anyone who does not like it. It has a very special taste than the other regular idli. The taste of the fried rava mixed with curd, gives an edge to the recipe.

It is very easy & simple to prepare. One can also keep the mix ready for an instant preparation. Oh! this was the first time I was preparing this. I always loved to devour it. I usually did that either at mom's place when she prepared or outside at eatouts & fast food joints. I thought it was high time I tried this recipe for break fast. I did & my hubby loved it. It tasted yum, with a spicy chutney dip.


Semolina (Rava or Sooji) - 1 cup, medium sized rava
Mustard Seeds - 1 tsp
Curry Leaves - 1 tsp, finely chopped
Bengal gram Dal (Chana Dal) - 1 tsp
Hydrogenated Veg Oil - 1 1/2 tbsp
Cashewnut - 1 tbsp
Salt to Taste
Sodium Bicarbonate (leavening agent) - 2-3 pinches
Green Chilli - 2-3 , finely chopped
Ginger - 1/2 tsp, finely chopped
Sour Curd - 1 cup (100gms)
Coriander Leaves - 1 tbsp
Carrot - 1/2 cup grated


Heat oil in a wok or a deep bottomed vessel. Add mustard seeds. After the seeds splutter, add chopped curry leaves. Then add bengal gram dal. Once it turns light brown, add ginger & green chillies & fry for a minute. You can also add broken cashewnuts to let it fry along with the other ingredients. Add sodium bicarbonate & a dash of salt as well, depending on your taste. Now finally add the rava & stir fry well. Take care not to let the semolina burn. Fry for 2 minutes & turn off the flame.***

P.S. Now the above prepared mixture is a dry one, which can be refrigerated for a few days & can be used instantly. ***

*** Now empty this above mixture into a deep bowl & add chopped carrot & coriander leaves. Now add 100 gms of sour curd & mix well. Leave it aside for a minute. Then add 200 gms more of sour curd, mix well & again keep it aside for another 2 minutes. The consistency of this batter is same as the regular rice idli batter or even a bit thicker or heavier because of the other ingredients in it.

Now smear the idli moulds with some oil & pour the batter into the moulds.

Place these set of moulds in a steamer or cooker & steam the batter for 10-12 minutes.

Serve hot with any favorite chutney dip.

P.S. When you use the refrigerated mix, just saute the mix for a couple of minutes as it would be cold & the preparation would not turn out well.

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