Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Any events celebrating relations is auspicious. And today is the day that celebrates the beautiful & sacred relation, between a brother & a sister.

RAKSHA BHANDHAN is celebrated on the full moon day called as "Rakhi Purnima".

It is the day that sisters celebrate their divine relationship, their Love, with their brothers & pray God to shower His blessings on them. They tie a sacred silk thread around their brothers' wrist & pray to THE ALMIGHTY to strenthen this relationship every moment. They also wish their brother all the happiness that he deserves.

In return, brothers accept their sisters prayers & promise to guard them all their lives & bless them all happiness. And as a token of their love they present them with gifts, in money or kind.

With the change in time & trend, this custom has also gone through many changes.

Earlier it was the emotion behind the celebration. But now it has been commercialised to an extent that, people buy rakhis depending on their standards in society. You have diamond studded rakhis, gold rakhis, silver rakhis etc., etc.,

Earlier sisters or brothers, however far they were, made it a point to reach their siblings on this special day. But now, it becomes impossible to reach their siblings to just celebrate this day. That's THE CHANGE now. Siblings wish over phone, mail or even email. Just mail the rakhi, it reaches their brothers before, on or sometimes even after the auspicious day.

Earlier people knew the feelings & emotions behind this celebration. But these days in schools & colleges, girls have made this a day to earn their pocket money. Just tie a thread around the wrists of the guys, who are inturn running away from these girls, on this day. In return the girls recover their pocket money from them. Where is the DIVINITY that was supposed to be, behind this gesture? Hmmmmmmm......... Where are we heading towards???

All said & done, "Rakhi" is still a much awaited festival; a celebration atleast for those who believe in it.

Wishing One & All " HAPPY RAKHSHA BHANDHAN ". Do celebrate this beautiful day, forgiving eachother. That surely makes us see a bright path ahead of us.

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