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AASAAN-E-PARATA & ME!!!!! With all the HAPPENINGS & MOMENTS....In & Of MY LIFE!!!!!

I received the 'Sanjeev Kapoor's Party Cooking' I won, yesterday..... I was so happy.... to have received it.... Wanted to try out something from it.... But I will & post them, for all.... The courier guy who delivered it was funny.... He dropped by, early morning say about 8:30 am.... Usually not the time for couriers.... so we were kinda surprised..... He talked with a funny tone.... And as soon as my hubby was out to collect it..... he asked Kuku "Sir, naayi unta???" (Is a dog there???) ... My hubby was like "hmm???" He repeated himself asking the same.... & Kuku 'pounced' on him, literally, with his not so perfect Kannada "Yaake??? " (Why???) That lean, almost vulnerable guy, freaked out by this, answered "summane kelide sir.." (I just asked!)



This encounter with him (the courier guy) was funny, firstly because of his voice & tone & secondly because he was totally unexpected both in person & his unusual questions.......
SO I WOULD REMEMBER THIS BOOK FOR ALL THE UNEXPECTED FEEL & LAUGHS involved..... Thank You again, FOODIE BLOGROLL!!!!!!!!! for letting my shelf adorn another pricey possession....... :-p


And yes! regarding the prep I'm posting, this is one easy, yummy, healthy, enjoyable & 'at any circumstances' food, which takes no much time & effort...... CONVENIENT!!!!! I say this because, this is one prep that Kuku had been enjoying during his school days.... (without me of course!!!!!...MEANIE :-0) Maa in-law prepared this instantly for his tiffin or break fast, with LOVE & CARE .... This Parata, is delightful with or without any accompaniment...

Since Kuku & his siblings were totally 5, who went to school together, sometimes when in hurry, maa in-law packed bread omlette or bread & jam, for tiffin.... But with the kind of food the kids were used to, it got their hunger pangs to strike them hard, very soon after lunch.... And they would be lured by these road side stalls, with their not so healthy, unhygienic foodies....... Hence maa in-law thought of this prep as an instant one to be packed for tiffins, during those busy mornings that she had to be ready for...... And was healthy & yummy enough to keep the kids at bay from those luring road side foodies...... 2-3 paratas with a little pickle..... was a day minus the tension, for both the kids & the mother.....
Oh!!!! I wish I was with Kuku & his toli to share a bite too..... to feed a bite & to be fed too.... Hmmmmmm.......... Those days I miss being with KUKU...... :-(

As he told me about this, I thought so what if I wasn't around him those days.... Now that I am... I wanna make use of this time.... to satiate myself..... with all those quickies that I can LOVE & LIVE..... with him.... Hence thought of preparing this for him, with lots of LOVE, with his guidance of course...... :-)

So here I am posting about that "FAST FOOD" in its true sense..... A healthy one though..... for all the mothers & the hungry kids.....

Presenting to you is "The Aasaan-e-Parata" ........Dhan Tana!!!!!!!



Wheat Flour (ಗೋಧಿ ಹಿಟ್ಟು, आट्टा) - 250 gm
Oil - 2 tsp
Onion - 1 medium, (finely chopped)
Green Chilli - 3 (finely chopped)
Ajwain + Mangrela (Carom Seeds or Oma + Black Sesame Seeds) - 1 tsp ( I keep a mix of both)
Salt to Taste
Water as required


Mix all the above ingredients well & add enough water to knead into a smooth & soft dough. Keep it aside for 30 minutes, covered...


Then make lemon sized balls & with the help of a rolling pin, roll it into flat rounds.


Heat a non stick tawa or a flat iron skillet, & transfer the rolled bread onto it to let it cook. Once a side is done, turn it over to cook the other side... meanwhile spread a little oil or butter on the cooked side & then turn it over again to see it evenly cooked on both the sides... Repeat with the number u wanna have for breakfast, lunch or dinner....


Serve it hot with any accompaniments... u like.... pickle (अचार), sauce, chutney or gravy....... RELISH WITH PLEASING SOUNDS........ Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm............... & Taste to comment ....;-)


And this prep finds its way to FF7SL's event HEALTHY FAST FOOD hosted by RV & Cook like a Bong by Sudeshna


and also makes its way to Gourmet Affair's maiden event SERVED WITH LOVE hosted by Arundhuti..... I send this prep with love & wishes to you, Aru.............


BLOGFARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY TOFA's (Token Of Appreciation)

I was conferred with love & appreciations, by the blog fraternity.... So I would love to take this moment to thank them for their kindness & encouragement......

I would like to thank Dolly for she remembered & thought me deserving..... This Beautiful, Blogger Award....

Beautiful Blogger

And Renuka for sharing this Kreativ Blogger Award......

Kreativ Blogger

To my gladness, I was tagged too by my friendly bloggers....... for the first time, of course!!!! And I was happy to exercise this practice ..... And would like to express my gratitude to Faiza Ali, Vineetha & The Cool Lass, for tagging me with the KREATIV BLOGGER AWARD!!!!!!

Kreativ Blogger

So it goes as follows.......

  1. Thank the person who tagged u with this TOFA
  2. Flaunt the TOFA, on your blog
  3. Do Not Forget To Link Them with gratitude
  4. Share 7 truths about you, for peeps to know YOU
  5. Pay it Forward to 7 other Bloggers
  6. Link them too, for convenience
  7. Let Them Know Of This TOFA, through comment

And here I exercise my tag, as below......


PERFECTIONIST - No man is perfect, but one can always try to be ... I'm in my work... I prefer things to be so..... I don't do things just for the heck of it..... I'm a perfectionist in everything I do..... Sometimes irritating others, but I do what I believe is right....

HATE - I hate double faced diplomacy.... When u know u r right , why should one hide under the sheets of diplomacy???? Why should one be a Hypocrite???? Show the real u... be it good or bad.... Take it or leave it..... Let the world decide..... But don't cream the bitter gourds.... World still loves bitter gourd, for its bitterness.... At least the other person knows what to expect from you...

EMOTIONAL - I'm basically very emotional.... I cry as much as I laugh..... I am very empathetic. I can feel the pain the opposite is undergoing.... be it physical or mental.... I am emotional about my family.... Very much about Kuku... I always reminisce my past, I feel for my present & expect my future to be emotional too as far as my Kuku is concerned.... I am proud of MY ACHIEVEMENT.....

KARMA - I strongly believe in KARMA. Good deeds always comes back to you with good..... But situations do surprise me, when they differ, from my belief..... But still believe my belief.....

SHOPAHOLIC - I have a very gr8 fascination for all good things.... be it unique things of decor or just mere possessions.... I find pride in those.... I fascinate all good clothes, shoes & hand bags..with perfection of course.... I love to adorn my collections with all that is tagged good & unique.... be it books, mugs, jewelery, clothes, handbags, shoes, artifacts, glam decor, ideas, almost everything existing..... from small to big.... Kuku says, he takes me to a hardware store, I would still find something there to suite myself & buy, of course..... LOL!!!!

TALENT - Very much into arts & crafts (U know)..... And arts..... I sing well & did dance well too... of course during college days.... I was always into extra curricular activities.... I love to perform...but again with perfection..... Kuku always says..... "Baabu mein to talent koot kootke bhara hua hain"..... which makes me feel so happy that I fly.... ;-)

LOVE - There are many other things I love too ..... I have a fascination for languages; I loved English a lot, right from childhood, was always interested in Hindi (which is now my husband tongue) & knew Kannada too, as it is my mother tongue....
Hmmm.... I love to flirt too.... I do not miss a chance to lock my eyes, with guys who seem interesting..... I simply love that.... & I love sharing those experiences with KUKU..... Life's not complete without some fun in it.... Just like our food is not complete, without pickle in it.....!!!!! GOTCHA????

Should have been seven, but I could not strike this off my list, however hard I tried...... as I talk about my health very often & I should let peeps know that I'm not suffering from CANCER, but something that has eaten me enough...... I am......

'MENSTRUALLY CHALLENGED' - The last but not the least is that I am 'M' lly Challenged.... DO NOT READ IT WRONG!!!! Not mentally but may be I would end up being so....Yes! U heard & got it right... I coined that word myself & my doctor appreciated me for doing it.... & few other 'learned' people too....


Time for PAY IT FORWARD!!!!!!!!

Anybody who blogs, has that thought, it takes to blog.... & the required skills too.... Some of them are extraordinary, some are not so particular about it, some others like me, are trying to catch up everyday..... So it becomes difficult for me to pass it to a limited seven.... but since this TAG demands it..... I here by get these people tagged with it.... (Believe me it has taken a lot of research & fights with get into this conclusion........)

  1. Krishnaveni from Ruchi Ruchi Adige
  2. Elizabeth from Elizabeth's Craft Room
  3. Nitya from Nits Arts & Crafts
  4. Coconut Recipes from Coconut Recipes
  5. Prasu from My Culinary World
  6. Arundhuti S Rama from Gourmet Affair
  7. Sushma from Savi Ruchi
Kindly accept this TOFA............ & help me & all, Know YOU............




  1. Congratulations!!!

    The recipe looks simple and Ingredients are very reachable...thanks for sharing the recipe....

  2. Congrats dear... Nice and simple recipe..

  3. Lovely parata, very apt for all the events. Congrats on you awards.

  4. Ashaji..Loved reading those 7 things about you..Esp Karma thing and the crafts thing..

    Congrats again for winning the book..Eagerly waiting for a recipe from that one, cooked ash-way..

  5. Dear Asha, Tumba sulabha madodakke.
    I am touched and moved reading ur 7 declarations. Even I hate hippocricy and I am a perfectionist too.
    I can understand and empathise with what u are going through, words are small and shallow to say what I feel about it.
    As you have said you strongly believe in Karma, just leave everything to the Good Lord. What he does and why he does are things beyond our comprehension, but I do believe, it's all for our good. I hope I am not me dear friend, you will be in my prayers from now on.
    I feel so good to read that you have such an affectionate and caring husband by ur side. All the best wishes to u, Take care.

  6. Congrats!!!

    And it was nice reading about you. Thanks for the tofa...:-)

  7. Hi Ash dear,
    congrats on ur awards and winning the Sanjeev Kapoor's recipe book. the paratha looks so tempting and inviting,please reserve some for me.I am on my way.

  8. Congrats dear..Parata looks yummy yummyyyyy....

  9. You have a nice collection of recipe books ash,lucky u got one more...and pics of paratha looks awesome,so easy and very delicious ..and congraz on your awards ash,was nice reading abt u..

  10. Many Congratulations dear.. I am sure you are gonna have a great time cooking all the yummy recipes out of that book.. I am waiting for your trials! :)
    Paratha is sure "aasaan"; with little work we can end up with a filling meal! Will try it soon :)

  11. Aloha Ash,
    This is the bread recipe that I saw on the food channel!! YEAH!!!I am so excited to try it!! my first!.
    Ok, I want to tell you how much I enjoyed your post. Seven truths, very deep and insightful.It tells me even more about you and who you are. I consider myself someone who "swims in the deep end of the pool" I like depth of people, things that really matter,truth,love,faith ,hope,karma and the list goes on...Thank you for being willing to share some of your truths...I will ponder on this for the upcomming week, I am blessed for the opportunity to know you. I look forward to our new friendhsip!
    Aloha from your friend across the sea

  12. 1. Congrats on ur awards and the book
    2. Enjoyed ur write up
    3. Loved the parata recipe
    4. Awesome click
    5. Wish u good health


  13. Nice recipe..
    It was nice to know more about you...I guess u r in good health now.Congratulations on ur awards and for the price u got.Waiting for the recipes from party book with ur yummy clicks.

  14. Paratha looks too tempting. I love parathas and yours looks perfect. :) you know I really find it hard to make it a perfect circle. ;)

    Congrats on all your awards dear. You truly deserve it and I am honored to be tagged by you. :)

  15. Congratulations on all the awards! such a yummy parathas! loved d name alot:)

  16. Congrats Asha for winning the Cookbook ...
    And the recipe is cool again

  17. Great clickes and good collection of books!!

  18. Thank you for such a lovely recipe and another award! I am pleased for you that you won such a lovely book for your collection.

  19. Hi Asha..
    Great and simple parata recipe.... and it looks very yummy..:)
    Thanks for the Tofa...:)

    You have very good collection of cooking books.. Congrats.. innondu recipe book sikkiddakke..:) When I get time.. i regularly visit ur blog.. i already added ur blog link in my favorites..:)

  20. Hi dear Asha.....totally involved in reading 7facts about u....they made me understand truly who you are.......a good per ur 8th fact, need not worry at all. ur good deeds and thoughts make ur health better........I pray for ur health too dear..... u are very lucky to have such a loveing and caring hubby by ur side.....have a healthy and happy life ahead...BTW the paratas looks so yummm...perfect for the event dear.....take care dear. Congrats for the award dear......thanks for sharing with me....for a long time I have stopped accepting and passing awards......but this time for you I will surely accept and write about me....

  21. Your good Karma jumps off the page, Ash...Congratulations on the well-deserved prize!

    So I've recently discovered that bread like this is available frozen and I've been heating it up and serving it with soup lately. I really should try it from scratch, though. Doesn't sound too hard!

  22. Olá, amiga!
    Passei para desejar uma ótima semana.
    Muitos beijinhos.
    Itabira - Brasil

  23. Congrats Asha..may u achieve many more is my prayer.!!ovely paratha..looks delicious and tempting..:)

  24. Hey Dear, you have received this award but I would also like to share Beautiful blogger award with you. Please accept it :)

  25. likiyae likiyae..Liknae keliyae hi blog start kiya maine..Feels good to read the comments and feed back and I am sure you like that too..esp your timely jokes :)

  26. Thank you for the tag! :) I'll have to see if I can do it. :)

  27. Hi dear u have an award waiting for u in my blog.Please collect it.

  28. Hi,

    Thx for visiting my blog and for those lovely comments, dear....u ve a beautiful space with all yummy recipes..glad to follow keep in touch, bye!

  29. Hello dear, congratulations for this delicious recipe, thanks for visiting! Kisses

  30. Nice healthy paratha and congrats on ur awards..

  31. Holy smokes you have so many comments! Yeah! Congrats on the new book. Such a lovely gift. And yum on the food. Most interesting on the 7 things about you. I'm going to have to remember the menstrually challenged one for my husband:)

  32. Dear ASh. loved ur Aasaan -E-Paratha..I guess ur a poetess too. I read ur write-up yesterday. But by the time i cd write my comments my 2 yr old wanted to play with cd'nt say no to him. So back here again..Thanks for accepting my award and Congratulations on all ur awards..YOu truly deserve it..LOved reading abt you as well. Reading the 7 facts abt you made me believe ur a true LEO...just like ME..Some of the things you mentioned are are v true abt Leo's. I'm not sure abt the Perfectionist part though..THis is true for u as we can see ur passion by visiting ur blog. I have seen ur mehendi designs and other artistic skills so I do agree with ur Ash mein to talent khoot khoot ke bhara hain...Rest ALL is WEll. Thanks for the comment on my other blog..Uska jawab us blog par..

  33. delicious.... and Congratulations!! :)
    Was good reading about you

  34. Tumba eay recipe helikottidakka dhanyavada, thanks for sharing kanri.

  35. Congrats on your awards and one more award is waiting for you in my blog, pls do collect it dear.

  36. Paratha looks yum :) Enjoy your awards!!!

  37. Hi, thank you for visiting Krishnaarpanam and leaving ur note of appreciation. Loved ur site too with all the colourful and mouthwatering pics.

  38. First time here... nice blog you have! Thanks for sharing all those recipes. Congratulations on winning the book :)

  39. Congrats Sweetie...I envy you...
    Paratha looks perfect and so yummy dear..
    Congrats on the awards and nice reading abt you...I join you in confessing i m a shopaholic too....

  40. Congrats on your awards .Paratha looks yummy!Nice to know about you.

  41. I have a Happy 101 Award for you over on my blog. I appreciate your friendship...
    Aloha nui loa wishes from across the sea


  42. Hello asha , how r u ? its been a long time i visited ur blog posts.Congrats on winning the book..About this paratha, we too make this @ home ..we say this as adai.But we add sambhar powder instead of chiil :) Nice to know more about u via tofa:)

  43. Hi Asha,
    left a comment yesterday, can't see it so leaving it again...Congrats and thanks for visiting my blog..loved your space..

    cheers and keep visiting again & again

  44. Thanking All For all The Love shared on my POST...
    You do not know, what it means to me... My chest expands with pride of being able to meet expectations..... & to know that there is so much love, out there too.... Even amongst peeps who u do not & did not know, for so long......


  45. Yeah ragi is good..I will send you the remedy for pimples soon ash ji..Sorry didnt visit here asap.

  46. Heartiest congratulations to you for your award. I appreciate for your wonderful presentation. Paratha looks delicious and tempting.

  47. Congratulations for all your prises and for the book.
    I like your recipe. It looks delicious.
    See soon.

  48. Hi Asha
    Other than the fact that the parathas look so tempting and mouth watering, I would like to thank you for visiting my blog. By looking at the beautiful comments you received, I am sure that there would be many more such posts to come in future.

    Keep Posting.


  49. Hi Ash

    I too left a comment yesterday but can not see it today. However, I would like to repeat that your parathas look great and I would definitely try preparing them very soon.



  50. Congratulations dear!!!!!!!!!
    Keep Rocking
    Nice reading ur post :-)
    Paratha's look lovely and perfect

  51. Wow paratas looks great,I feel like having it now.
    Congrats Asha

  52. Parathas look gorgeous, perfectly done. Enjoy all the awards! :))

  53. pls accept ur award from my blog

  54. Hi Asha! first of all hearty congrats...

    Now comes to the recipe, its really simple and looks delish. Thanks for sharing and also thanks for dropping at my blog. Keep coming dear....


  55. Congrats for the arrival of your new cook book & awards....I was here to leave a message for you that I shared couple of awards with you, but u got them already....shows that how popular u are....nice to read about you, hope u get better with each new day.......take care

  56. Hi Ash, I forgot to tell you y'day. I love cookbooks too, love your collection. Sanjeev Kapoor is very good at what he does, watch his Khana Khazana on TV too.

    Enjoy the Republic day there girl! :))

  57. Congrats on your award, Great reading some good facts about you and last but not least great parthas!!!

  58. Ash Didi, For your pimples, have your tried using tooth paste? I have tried it a lot of times, as soon as you see one, apply a pepper size amount of toothpaste on top of it, it dries immediately..and even the top comes out when you wash off the paste..Mint pastes work better :D

    And dont prick them, the more you keep your hand on the face, the more it spreads.

  59. Congrats on your cookbook..first time here..I loved reading all your posts..the paratas sounds interesting...must be filling too :)

  60. Ash didi, I remember what you said about being challenged. I guess at one point in life all women have to go through it.

    But the post I wrote today, banana stem or the flower is really good for women, helps soothe the tummy ache and for cycles also. Will send you an email about it, if that is ok with you.

    Try including fenugreek seeds in the diet also, that will help too.

  61. Thanks for all the smiles and good vibes sending my way....
    your pictures and writing is always so refreshing...

  62. Asha nice to know more abt u ... congratulations on ur awards dear pls collect one more award from my blog

  63. Hey Asha,
    Thanks a lot for your comments and how wonderful to win this book .... I hope you get to cook loads of great stuff from the book and we get to enjoy your yummy posts :) :)


  64. Dear Asha,

    I know...I am being late, was really tied up lately.

    The parathas look perfect and very invting to me, loved reading ur write-up as usual.

    Good to know more about you today, yes, I agree you are bit' of everything...singing, dance, art, craft, poems...what not. We would have made good pals, if I had met you in my school days.

    And 8th one is very painful to me...guess, I got it right. Wish you better health sweetheart, you have my prayers. And be happy, you are blessed with good hubby:)

  65. Congratulations....on winning book and awards.....parata looks yummy.....

  66. félicitation pour tes commentaires et pour le livre ta recette est sublime à tester
    bonne soirée

  67. Hey,
    Got to know sooo much about you. Thats awesome and congrats on all your awards.

  68. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog Asha an for your lovely comment! Loved your space too. Adding you to my reader so I don't miss your yummy posts. Take care!

  69. Hey, there you are!!!Congratulations...sorry I am a bit late here...:)...can understand how proud you feel!!! :)!!
    Keep rocking girl!..:)you simply deserve more..:)

  70. Congrats on your award and book collection dear. Great to know about you. Moreover I admire your confidence and I should learn a lot from you.
    Paratha looks very nice. Must try it soon.


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