Sunday, January 31, 2010


On this occasion of our Nation celebrating its 61 st Republic Day, Let's celebrate the Heritage & sovereignty of our NATION..... let us think of those... who protect us from all odds & pay homage to them for their selfless service......

I sincerely wish, one & all Indians, give those 'UNSUNG HEROES' their due ..... for the selfless love & dedication towards the country & its people...... Let us all question ourselves, after all the sacrifice & service to the nation, what is it that they get in return..... nothing but those minutes of silence, which is a beginning of a life long silence for their families.....Families who sacrificed the member of their family, for 'us', gets only trauma, in the name of their sacrifice..... They would be remembered 'once', when the government honors them with recognitions posthumously........ After which again a total silence for years till the death of all their family members...... The mothers, the fathers, wives, sisters & children who sacrificed their beloveds for the country gets no benefits or privileges...... but a life of darkness & sorrow.......

Unlike, those lucky enough, to get the best in life, they never expected, after winning gold in the Olympics, which is just a game....... by just wasting few bullets ...... What a Life they all lead after the GAME????? A CELEBRITY LIFESTYLE....... Shame on all of us.... who air these discrimination's...... The rich gets richer & the poor gets poorer....... I am sincerely ashamed to be a part of this world..... who do not recognize people for what they deserve..... I hate myself for not being able to DO something about it..... than just write......

I was shocked to see the new version of the OLD, melodious & mesmerizing "Mile Sur Mera Tumara"....... Looks like it is only the BOLLYWOOD tunes (sur) that are synchronizing now...... The very composition lost all its charm, the feel of integrity.... Now it is totally an essence less glamorized song..... FUNNY & FOOLISH...............

I don't think anything is possible in this country minus bollywood & its so called celebrities..... The foolish public goes ga ga over them, by wasting their hard earned money, to give THEM the CELEBRITY status............ Initially when it all began, I don't think there were any 'celebrities' as such..... All those who were there, were Actors who excelled in their ART FORM, & who were dedicated towards this art.... But now ACTORS are a HANDFUL, rest are all HEROES & HEROINES, who portray those emotions on screen, which are meant to be inside the four walls & become the so called 'Hero' & 'Heart Throb'...... Why is ones husband or wive not a heart throb anymore????.... No wonder when this generation is questioned about any Hero, all they can answer is about some of these mentioned above... SO where do these UNSUNG HEROES stand????? .... Bloody Fish!!!!

Oops! I have a head ache, with all my BP rising high........ I'm just pissed to an extent that I would have a breakdown.... I better continue later...... :-(

Okay! Hello again..... I came across this tag 'By the Book' of Jayashree & kinda liked it for its importance in all our lives.... Not just OLD or New..... Not just Old or Young..... It has seen a place in everybody's far as I know & understand.... GUIDANCE of a Book, is taken by all..... Like a beacon is to navigators, so is our preserved & trusted Cookbook, to us, in our journey towards kitchen & its skills....... May be a printed book by a renowned chef or very often, hand written notes, passed on to us from the most experienced cooks in our life's... Maa or Mother in-law...... Or even a friend.... because I did...... I gave a handwritten book to my friend Sandhya, during her wedding, consisting of the preps that I prepared as a newly married & few guided by my Mother in-law....

And these books become a part of our life, unknowingly..... A PRICEY POSSESSION!!!! Losing it, would feel like we lost a member in our family or our close ones..... It becomes very close to heart & would wanna preserve it for our future generations too..... At least I would love to, but.......... Anyways.... Nothing to worry, if not my own, I would surely hand it over to some girl in my family who would deserve it.... as there are many in my family.....

So here I am posting about MY PRICEY POSSESSIONS, My Daari Deevige (ದಾರಿ ದೀಪ), My Beacon.........


Since childhood, I was always inclined towards collecting recipes for my future.... U know!!! AMS - 'After Marriage' Syndrome...... I never learn' t any cooking nor was keen on preparing something.... but was very much interested in collecting, recipes I came across..... Sources
being newspapers, TV shows & mostly magazines (Femina & Woman's Era)..... I pulled out recipes from all the magazines, that I could lay my hands on....... And I had a bundle of them...... After wedding, Kuku initiated to get it book bound for me, than preserving it in files & folders...... Hence I got it book bound..... So that is NOW, my own COOK BOOK....... Dhan Tana!!!!!



The other is the diary that I started just before my wedding.... Since I would leave my mom, I got most of her, lovely, sumptuous recipes, noted down for me..... in there.... After wedding, when it was time for me to leave my maa in-law, I got her interesting, rich & delightful recipes jotted down for me, in it...... So those are my two favorite, most expensive cook books, and rather, a very trusted source for MY NEW LIFE....... My New Beginning!!!!! For my new GRIHASTI!!!!!! I would lose myself if I have to lose them any day...... I LOVE & THANK MY GURUS!!!!!



But yes now I have another cook book, My Jeeta Jaagtha Cookbook..... My Kuku..... He had to be a chef, than get into Garment Business, I seriously feel.... He cooks really yum!!!!! He loves & enjoys it too...... So I would never dare to lose him too..... for my cookery references & other things, but of course ;-) LOVE & THANK HIM TOO!!!!!!

***I would love to get everyone tagged with this, as this is a very simple & a common tag, but of immense value & IMPORTANCE............ So I request everyone to write about it & let us know about it & flaunt it too, to kinda immortalize it..... So we can all be a part of each others treasured BEACONS!!!!!!***

Now after all this discussion about our trusted sources for our cooking skills, I would like to post something from it, but with a change of course.... Because, what I learn' t was a regular pulao, which I now prepare using the ingredients or rather the main Ingredient I like or have........ So it is the same method, but with any main ingredient of your choice..... Anything & everything is Awesome!!!!!!

Okay!!!!! Make Room For Mushrooms............. Because that is my main ingredient today........ which can be substituted with any other veggie of your choice......

Here's presenting to you THE MUSHROOM RICE...............

I love mushrooms & I am always in a hunt for different recipes, on internet... And when one posts one such prep..... I save it for future reference..... I have many such, yet to be tried recipes.... But surely will some day.....


Mushroom - 1/4 kg ( cleaned)
Onion - 2 medium, (finely sliced)
Green Chilli - 4, (slit lengthwise)
Cardamom - 6 pieces
Cloves - 5 pieces
Oil - 3 tbsp
Ghee - 1 tbsp
Milk - 1/2 cup
Long Grain Rice (Basmati) - 4 cups
Water - 5 cups
Cashew - 10 pieces
Raisins - 10 pieces
Cinnamon - 1" piece
Turmeric Powder - 1/2 tsp
Salt to Taste
Kitchen King Masala - 1/2 tsp
Coriander Powder - 1/2 tsp
Cumin Powder - 1/2 tsp
Capsicum - 1 medium, (sliced for garnish)

Make room 4 mushroom


Chop the cleaned mushrooms, to desirable chunks & keep aside.... Wash the rice & keep aside too.

Heat oil + ghee in a cooker. Add the cardamom, cloves & cinnamon & saute` for a minute or two. Then add the green chilli & onions & fry till translucent...... Once done u may add the cashew & raisins too & saute for 2 minutes..... or till the raisins shape up...... Now add in the chunked mushrooms & saute further for a minute or two..... Then add the masala powders & stir fry further for 3-4 minutes.... Now add the rice in & saute for 5 minutes further..... When the rice grains turn translucent or kinda shiny, add in milk & ghee & mix it to combine well..... But with caution, not to breal the rice grains.... Tighten up the lid of the pressure cooker & allow it to blow 4-5 whistles..... Once done, turn off the heat & keep aside.... Once the pressure releases completely, uncover & transfer the contents to a wide mouthed vessel, which would allow you to mix the contents, without hassles...... Transfer it to a serving bowl & garnish with sliced capsicums.......

Make room 4 mushroom

This prep does not need any any accompaniment as such, but can be accompanied with a plain simple raitha or any gravy of your choice.... I liked a dry to accompany & as I had few mushrooms, left over, thought of preparing them dry..... Hence presenting a simple & instant...........

Make room 4 mushroom



Mushrooms - 200gm (cleaned)
Green Chilli - 2 to 3 (cut diagonally)
Onions - 2 medium (sliced in rings)
Capsicum - 1 medium (sliced)
Garlic - 2 to 3 flakes (minced or chopped)
Oil - 2 tbsp
Lime Juice - 2 tbsp
Salt & Pepper to Taste
Coriander Leaves - 3 twigs (for garnish)


Heat oil in a frying pan & fry garlic, green chilli, onions & capsicum for a minute. Add mushrooms & stir-fry for 2 to 3 minutes.
Add lime juice, salt & pepper. Stir well & cook until done. Then, transfer to a serving bowl. Garnish with coriander leaves & onion rings & serve hot.

Make room 4 mushroom

Make room 4 mushroom

It is said that Mushrooms are Nature's hidden treasures..... They contain certain minerals, that improve our immune system..... So I guess, they are not only pleasing on our palates, but are healthy too..... So MAKE ROOM for MUSHROOMS!!!!! in your diet & Enjoy these delights..... Delightfully!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh! there is a kinda backlog..... on my unpublished list of TOFAS....... Since I''m posting after a lengthy gap, I could not flaunt or write about them, before this..... But is surely not late for me to go ahead with it.....

I thank Sailaja of Sailaja Kitchen for passing on her Happy 101, & also would thank Swarna from Kovaihot Kitchen, Indu of Kitchen Queen , Vineetha of Ruchi & Queen B of Queen Of My Kingdom, for sharing this cute & happy TOFA with me..... It means a lot to receive it from all these talented & yummy prep makers.... who not only prepare, but create new creations too...... which are so soothing to eyes & our grocery lists .... as they are all many a times very affordable & available at the nearest place.... So Thanks once again...... And Queen B had tagged me with 10 Things that make me HAPPY......

They would be........ as follows.......

1) Kuku!!!!!!!!!!! All the Way......
2) My Freedom ..... from my distress of course!!!!!
3) Shopping!!!!!!!
4) Outings & Food........
5) Romantic & meaningful Movies
6) Romantic & Emotional Songs..... Especially old melodies that kindles your emotions.... happy, sad or romantic......... ALL THE WAY!!!!!!
7) My Creative Arts...... When I indulge in them for my FAMILY!!!!!
8) Good, kind, genuine words & gestures
9) A SMILE!!!!
10) Healthy Flirting, with peeps I know.......... ;-)


Thank You Renuka, Vineetha & Spice for remembering me & sharing the Beautiful Blogger Award...... This is indeed one of my treasures too...... These moments are treasured forever.....

Beautiful Blogger

I am grateful to Vineetha & Spice for tagging me with 7 truths about myself, which are mentioned here..... with the Kreativ Blogger Award...... Dhanyavad!!!!!

Kreativ Blogger

I would also thank Vineetha & for she thought of me & my space, when she shared A Fabulous Blog TOFA & it really inspires me to make this space interesting & inviting.......

A Fabulous Blogger

Heartfelt thanks to ONE & ALL!!!!!!!!!!!



JAI HIND!!!!!!!!!


  1. Asha,
    About the first part of this post -- Quite a baggage you are carrying girl. **Shanthi Shanthi** <-- cool down.
    Yes I love this "By the book" tag and will do a post soon.
    I like that fact that you have soo much love for your hubby and that shows in each and every one of your post. You lucky girl!

  2. Thats a lovely post with really awesome mouthwatering dishes..even i love mushrooms and this one surely looks too good...thanks for the recipe...

  3. Hi. This panthi also feels alike about Mile sur..
    So it's mushrooms and more...
    Nice flavourful rice, I like the pressure cooked version.
    So many awards, great going gal and Nicely written diaries.

  4. Definitely, tributes to our heroes, shedding their life for us. Every one nagging the new Mile Sur, will the change it? You have good hand writing Ash in 2001, still u can keep the consistency? lol:)

  5. Yummy and tempting mushroom rice....Nice clicks too...

  6. I enjoyed reading .Mushroom rice looks yummy!

  7. Proud to be Indians....Have to salute our heroes....Thnks for ur loveable comment in my blog....Not yet try mushroom rice....let me try and wll comment again hw it comes...superb click dear....

  8. Thank you for stopping by my blog, Asha....and for taking up this tag. I loved seeing your books.....and enjoyed reading about them.
    Absolutely agree with what you said about "Phir mile sur"......Horrible doesn't even begin to describe it.

  9. mushroom rice and bhoonja mushroom looks inviting.

  10. Easy girl... Yeah most of us feel the same way about the things we just talk about and not able to do! But chalo, there'll be light soon! Atleast that's how I console myself :(
    Mushroom rice with stir fried Mushrooms!!!! Gal, keep your doors wide open, I'm coming right away!!!!!
    Congrats on your well-deserved awards dear.. Hey ur handwriting is so nice!

  11. Mushroom rice looks delicious... I enjoyed reading.. I am not a big fan of mushroom but ur rice looks yummmy......

  12. Happy Republic Day! So nice to have diaries with recipes passed down from your family. They look so good!

  13. Lovelt post and yummy mushroom rice...looks so inviting and delicious, dear....congrats on all ur well deserved awards, dear!

  14. Yeah, "stars" are more imp now to this generation than any war heroes or anybody who scarified their lives for us and for the country!! Sad situation.

    Mushroom dishes look yum. Good post. Enjoy your awards too.

  15. Very smart of you to get your mother's recipes. The first year I was married I was constantly calling my mom on the phone asking how to make this or that. Luckily my aunt wrote down a few of her simplest dinner recipes for me! Generations to come will be so greatful to have these heirlooms!

  16. Nice post girlie..
    Mushroom rice looks so yummy ...the stir fry too...Yummy yumm

  17. Thats a delicious recipe..absolutely mouthwatering and super clicks

  18. Awesome combination the rice and the sautee mushrooms! Absolutely delicious. I'm coming for dinner :))) !!! Thanks for the visit, by the way. Have a wonderful week! Cheers.

  19. Oh Ash..The world is not all that bad....I also understand ur Viewpoint and ur anger at the above mentioned things in ur post. Kaafi Buraayan hain lekin kuch Acchai bhi to hain..hain na..Also there are people like us who believe in the goodness of things and that will make a change and as they say there's light at the end of the tunnel....

    Chalo till then lets enjoy ur flavorful Mushrooms and theres' never such thing as TOO MUCH MUSHROOM... In fact last weekend I made Mushroom rice just for myself as nobody else eats mushroom in my house..sad..

  20. love the way you wrote your post..congrats on your award,

    mushroom rice is a sure try

  21. I agree with u.. Old Mile sure mera tumhara is so so magical than new one! Old is gold truly!
    Coming to Mushroom rice, it looks so tempting! loved stir fry too..n u have such precious books. especially one frm mom's recipes..Lovely post.

  22. enjoyed reading this post dear. and loved ur mushroom rice and stir fried mushrooms recipe..great going girl!!!

  23. Lovely Post or rather an articulated script I should say..U have some amazing god gift talents....Multi talented gal...

    I am not very used to Mushrooms,but lately I have started liking mushrooms..After seeing ur recipes I need to make more room for mushrooms now...Both recipes looks enticing....

  24. j'ai aimé ce que tu as écrit
    j'adore tes recettes ont l'air délicieuses bravo
    bonne journée

  25. French to English translation
    Fime`re Said:

    I liked what you wrote
    I love your recipes seem delicious bravo
    good day

  26. I enjoyed reading your post Asha.. Its nice to find another foodie blogger.Mushroom rice looks perfect.

    I agree with you, the new version of mile sur mera is all about bollywood, I could not find Sachin Tendulkar and so many people who have contributed to India in different fields, It hurts.

  27. Delicious recipe! Thank for visiting. Kiss

  28. Oh my, that mushroom rice looks absolutely delicious!! Mmmm...

  29. Jai Hind, thats a very thoughtful, insightful and meaningful post my dear. Me too still listen to 'Mile sur mera thumara' on youtube. Same pinch:)

    Mushroom rice looks gorgeous, perfect color and the recipe sounds to grab my fork and come to your house:)

  30. really liked the post. I like the old Mile sur too, thats why I complained about the new one. Wasnt checking mail this weekend and your mail is still in the mail :)

    Mushroom rice? Nice variation, mine was different, will use the masala powder for mine next time.

  31. Love mushroom dish, Nice click too.

  32. Hi. Just here to inform u that I have announced my first event..hopefully u will like it.

  33. Wow inviting, though i dont eat mushrooms i can substitute with somethingelse i guess......nice clicks too :)

  34. This is absolutely perfect and love the combo. well clicked. Do visit my blog when time permits.

  35. Hey Asha, tx for such a lovely n wonderful comment on my post. I was really touched reading your long long comment yaa and trust me Asha those days r not yet over. Even i thought those days are long gone till i visited india and brought back fresh memories with me. I know we miss certain things in life but that is how our life is designed i guess!!!We've become so mechanical that we don't believe in us anymore. While i'm writing this i'm going thru ur comment again n again!!! There's something about it, u made me emotional too yaa!

    Coming to ur post, mushrooom rice just looks yummy, never ate mushroom if u believe me. Will definitely try it someday. Yet to watch mile sur mera tumhara, don't know wat i do these days but pretend to be damn busy! And hey congrats on winning so many awards........keep up ur good work!!!

  36. A note book of recipes handed down to the next generation wonderful so we can all relish all those delights in there... Thanks to your Mom and Maa-in-law!!! Rice looks divine and tempting... My first visit here, shall come by for more...

  37. Lovely post. Nice to see your secret being revealed. he he. :)

    Mushrooms look so delicious. Mom does not let me cook mushrooms at home.. so will somehow convince her with these pics and try it out. :) BTW nice clicks dear.

  38. Wow nice post, I have to say you have a lovely handwriting too. I love your mushroom rice and the stir fry too. Nice click and I enjoy reading your posts.


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