Saturday, February 6, 2010


Many things 'happening' in BLOGGYWOOD...... All are happy (at least many I know & I wish the same for others too) ...... on their milestones achieved....

Like Simply Food is all happy on their reach out to the masses..... & few others like Renuka from Love of Cooking & Sushma of Savi-Ruchi ....... are happy with their additions to their pricey possessions.... the bloggieroll contests they won.... the nice tote bag that Sushma won & the party cooking book of THE Sanjeev Kapoor, that Renuka won..... Same Pinch Renuka!!!! ;-)

I am so happy for all their achievements & additions to their happiness...... KUDOS TO YOU ALL & I wish u & all, many more such happiness & celebrations.... GOD BLESS!!!!

As for me, I did nothing more than just..... Oh! forget it..... better not start..... Yes!!!! I did something nice too.... On January 30, late evening, I watched the news flash on TV, which said the moon happened to be at closest distance from earth & thus appeared bigger & brighter.... at
its fullest.... I wanted to check it out too.... I went out to look.... YUP! I saw it more soothing than what most others did.... They saw it RED!!!! People did even mention that they could see the craters with their naked eyes.... But I just saw this...calm & quiet!!!!! It looked bigger & cuter...... I loved it & wanted to capture that moment..... & so I did.... After I clicked that pic, I kept laughing for half an hour.... Kuku wondered why!!!! & if I had lost some of my screws out near the gate..... while I gaped at the moon!!!!! When asked, I told him, that people would mistake it to be my roti.... with a reflection of light on it.... And I don't know why the thought tickled me for half an hour & I sat there laughing like crazy.....!!!!! May be those were the adverse effects of the moon, on me......!!!!! LOL ;-)

This is what I saw..... Isn't it cute??????

Love Moon

Now before I could write this post, I stumbled over an article or something, here, which said this......
{The full moon on January 30th will fall in the sign of Leo. The next couple weeks will bring a time for you to focus on leadership, amibtion, appearance, children, hard work, determination, sports, music and special hobbies.}

So I guess this was happening..... I don't know about the rest of the things that was mentioned, but this, YES!!! I was totally into card making..... I wanted to make better ones than I did earlier..... Ones, that looked kinda professional..... at least somewhere near it..... I will post them in my future ....... SO may be the moon had its affects on me to let me seriously think of card making.....

Card making was kinda haunting me & I was madly in need of equipments to give my skills a shine.... I was totally impressed by Stampin up! But in vain.... Due to the laws & restrictions, they were not into business here in India...... I was sad again..... but still did not stop hunting for my supplies..... I finally heard of finding my stuffs at Staples..... I keep my fingers crossed & wish I would!!!!! I have not been there as yet.... I would & once I do, I would post about it too......

So now regarding my prep for today's posting.....

I love saag or soppu or just leaves, edible ones, of course ;-) ...... And among them my first & best favorites are the DILL LEAVES..... Sabsige Soppu in Kannada & simply hara saag or in particular Sowa or Soya in Hindi.....


You can certainly learn more about DILL LEAVES here, below.......

1) Dill as in WIKI
2) Dill & its Names
3) Dill & its Values
4) Dill & a Side Effect

There are so many things different to these leaves..... which keeps it above the rest of the edible leaves..... The aroma is certainly one of them... Very DIVINE!!!!! I get carried away easily by that aroma..... I do not mind associating it with KUKU...... Because that is the kind of impact it has on me..... I simply love it!!!!!! DIL SE!!!! The look, the feel, the taste & the aroma................. DILL SE...... DIL TAK (डिल से...... दिल तक)!!!!!!

So here goes the recipe for it.... Very simple, easy & user friendly........



Dil Leaves (ಸಬ್ಸಿಗೆ ಸೊಪ್ಪು, सोवा साग) - 1/4 kg
Onion - 1 big (finely sliced)
Mustard Oil - 2 tbsp
Dry Red Chilli - 3, broken
Turmeric Powder - 1/4 tsp
Red Chilli Powder - Less than a quarter
Salt to Taste

Clean & wash the leaves, thoroughly to get rid of dirt & grime..... Now chop them finely & keep aside.... Heat a wok or kadai, with oil. Once the oil is hot, add the dry broken chilli & sliced onions.... Fry till translucent..... Then add the chopped leaves & stir fry.... Add salt, turmeric & red chilli powder & stir to mix well..... Now cook it covered for minimum 3 minutes...... Then uncover & stir fry the contents for 2 to 3 minutes or till all the water evaporates & the leaves are well cooked......


Now serve this with piping hot dal & white rice..... Or simply serve it combined with rice...... AWESOME COMBO....... Just the rice & the dil leaves prep, tastes like heaven.....
(JANNAT!!!!!) ...... The taste is such that, it reaches your soul through your mouth..... as said in hindi, "woh zaika jo zubaan se utharkar seede aathma tak pahunche....." (वह ज़ायका जो जुबां से उतरकर सीदे आत्मा तक पहुंचे)



And this Ash...... made combo , makes its way to the COMBO EVENT, hosted for the first time by Pari of FOODELICIOUS...... Congrats & Wish u all the success Pari...... which I'm sure of...... :-)





  1. Nice mouth watering and tempting rice dish, though I have not attempted to make something with dil leaves.I haven't seen it also. Hope to get to see the dill leaves and pepare something in the future.

  2. Hi Asra,the dill reis looks wonderful..I love reis and dill.It is interesting combination..I will try to cook too..
    Hugs and kisses

  3. the picture of the moon looks lovely dear. and so does the recipe.

  4. The Dill Sabzi looks mouthwatering. The big moon, as big as saucers looks so romantic. Before I fell in love, got married, I used to think of the moon as my boyfriend and used to carry conversations at times. Might sound silly, but thats me. :).

  5. Awesome post and a totally new recipe to me:):).. wow.. I love reading the introductions to your posts... So nice of you to have taken the moon pic and put it up.. I dint know that... your such a sweet person:).. thank you for the recipe!

  6. Never tried anything with dil leaves,that sounds so simple,hav to try..

  7. Thankyou for the kind wishes and mention.Its blogger friends like you that helps to create the bloggywood community.Thanks for dropping by my blog and posting lovely comments always.
    Your moon pic is awesome.
    As for the suwa, apparently its good for post pregnanacy.Never really used it much in cooking but your recipe is persuading me to try it.

  8. oh wow! first of all loved title of your post alot! n Thanks alot for your wishes :) The moon pic is awesome..even I saw beauty of moon that day!Dill is one of my fav veggies too.Gr8 recipe..simple n delicious!

  9. hi Asha,
    Lovely post as always it was great reading about the moon and its effects on u :) wishing u more creative success ahead!!now coming to ur recipe of sabsige soppu it indeed seems the flavour of these slender beauties :) and the recipe and combo sure is a a great combo!
    *hey asha, though i visited ur previous couple of posts couldnt leave a comment for various technical reasons...sorry abt that.

  10. Thanks for the lovely entry dear.

  11. wow thats a gorgeous pic of the moon, so beautiful...just feel like seeing that only....And the dish is really well presented,simple but yet seems delicious

  12. If the moon can pull and push the waters in the sea during the tides, then making you laugh is just a laughing matter for Chandamamma. :-)

  13. Lovely snap dear.. I love gazing at moon too, for hours! ;)
    Dill recipe looks yum although I have never tired it myself!

  14. Lovely bright green! Ash, I answered your email. Please, let me know if you don't receive my message.

  15. Wow awesome picture... Simple and yummy dish...

  16. So nice of you that you have enlisted all the wonderful happening in the blogsphere!!! and I am so happy you won the party cook book... Btw thw Sopu sabzi looks very healthy and tempting... Unfortunately I get them only during particular season and that too if I dont get there in time its all spoilt!!!

  17. Naanu nimma post title nodi enappa valentines day tumba bega bantalla ivara blogalli ankotha idde.. :D Sapsige palya chennagide. Yavagaladru chitranna kuda maadi evathu Samayalarai blognalli sapsige uppittu kuda nodi bande :)

  18. Wow.... I love the moon pic.. I gaze at the moon almost everyday and it looks prettier every day. :)

    Nice recipe too. I have never used or had this herb. So sure to try it out soon. Your explanation urges me to taste it. :)

  19. Dill leaves mixed in with the rice on top of pooris. Oh heaven.

  20. How funny because I had a big craving for dill just last week. I put it in a soup with ham, cabbage and potatoes. This looks so delicious. Good luck with the cardmaking - do you celebrate Valentines Day there?

  21. Hey Ash, I'm so glad I made you so nostalgic about your happy days :)

  22. I appreciate for your wonderful presentation with mouth watering pictures. The dish looks delicious. Lovely picture of the moon.

  23. I'm not a big fan of dill leaves.. maybe it needs more getting used to. The picture of the moon is so pretty.

  24. excellent click deary!!!!Sabzi looks super delicious...

  25. Wow I loved the moon picture... Nice recipe too ... Lovely herb.

  26. tes photos sont magnifiques et ta recette me plait énormément c'est très originale
    à bientôt

  27. i never used dill leaves in my cooking, thanks for sharing your recipe , will try this

  28. Aloha Ash
    I am a LEO so I thank you for the info!! seems that Leadership, hardwork and children are in my stars!! thats ok all is worth it!!
    as always I had a great time visiting you
    Aloha my sweet friend from across the sea

  29. Hiii.. I would like to share some awards with you please accept it from my blog:):)

  30. The moon must've been most awesome being so close!

  31. Please collect your awards from Vazhayila dea..!!!!

  32. I have never tried anything w/ dill leaves... this looks great! Should try this out... you have a nice space out here.... following u now...

  33. Olá, amiga!
    Passei para rever seu cantinho e saber das novidades...
    Seu cantinho está cada vez mais lindo!... surpreendente...
    Um ótimo fim de semana!
    Ótimo Carnaval!
    Só alegria!...
    Itabira - Brasil

  34. Portuguese to English translation

    Magic Ines said ...

    Hello, friend!
    I went to review your corner and see what's new ...
    Your corner is getting more beautiful! ... amazing ...
    A great weekend!
    Great Carnival!
    Only joy! ...
    Itabira - Brazil

  35. Hi Just dropped by to wish you a Very Happy Valentine's Day

  36. I love the moon picture, congratulation for delicious recipe! Thank for the kind comment! Kiss

  37. Congratulatations.........
    I thoroughly enjoyed ur post....
    Just like ur brother n dad share their bday,..
    My Lil one and my husband share their bday tooo and its indeed very spl for me :)

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